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What is Shidoscan?

What is Shidoscan?

Shidoscan is the custom built official block explorer of Shido Network. It also serves as a hub onboarding validators, delegators and developers onto the network.

Users can use Shidoscan to explore and analyze real-time data on Shido Network. Shidoscan keeps track of blocks, transactions, hashrates and much more.

View deployed smart contracts, tokens and the ever growing number of accounts on-chain.

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Shido Validator and Delegator applications enables users to participate in the consensus process.

Use the validator app to onboard as a validator. Stake your native SHIDO using the delegator app.

Validator App 👉

Delegator App 👉

Build on Shido Network today using Shido IDE. Developers can utilize Shido Network integrated development environment to seamlessly compile and deploy new smart contracts.

Get started building decentralized apps on Shido Network mainnet.

Shido IDE 👉

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