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The native utility and governance token SHIDO!

The native utility and governance token SHIDO!

SHIDO is the native utility and governance token that powers Shido Network.

All transaction fees collected on Shido Network are burnt in our inbuilt mainnet burn function. This makes SHIDO a hard coded deflationary token.

SHIDO is used to secure Shido Network and ensure decentralization using Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Both Validators and Delegators can easily participate in the consensus process by staking SHIDO.

By staking SHIDO users are able to get gas free transactions on Shido Network. Validators and Delegators are extempt from fees interacting with the network through our inbuilt mainnet gas free function.

Shido Network is in consensus governed by SHIDO holders through our governance module. By passing of proposals SHIDO governs all protocol upgrades and important decisions sorrounding the network.

Learn more about the native token SHIDO and how it powers Shido Network 👉

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