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Shido X Tesla - Shido Dex $75,000 Giveaway!

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Shido X Tesla - Shido Dex $75,000 Giveaway!

Shido is celebrating the launch of Shido Dex with a stunning giveaway lottery! We are giving away prizes to Shido Dex users and $SHIDO holders to a value over $75,000 USD.

First price is Tesla Model Y to a value of $60,000 USD. Followed by $15,000 USDT Giveaway, running with $1,000 a week to Shido holders and users up until delivery of the Tesla Model Y.

Earn entry tickets by using Shido Dex or buying $SHIDO and you are receiving an exclusive Shido X Tesla Giveaway 3D NFT that is your ticket in the lottery. The exclusive Giveaway 3D NFT is not for sale and can only be earned by Shido Dex users and $SHIDO holders.

It's simple to participate!

✓ Buy minimum 1.5m $SHIDO a week to get one entry ticket every week. But do not sell it, we are taking weekly snapshots of holdings. You will then be airdropped a Giveaway 3D NFT for each weekly minimum 1.5m $SHIDO buy that you do. Max 1 NFT earned per week.

✓ Shido Dex volume entry tickets. Each wallet that creates a volume of +$5,000 a week, will be airdropped a Giveaway 3D NFT for each week of +$5,000 volume created on Shido Dex. We are pulling data of wallets from Shido Dex on a weekly basis.


First price is a Tesla Model Y to a value of over $60,000 to one lucky Shido Dex user and $SHIDO holder! The big lottery event will take place Friday 31 March, 2023 on live stream.

We are giving away $15,000 USDT in total to lucky winners! Every week up until delivery of Tesla Model Y, we are giving away $1,000 USDT on a weekly basis. 10 winners every week will win $100 USDT each.

Shido X Tesla Giveaway 3D NFT. You entry tickets are a rare collectible. They cannot be bought, but only earned. You are able to trade them on the secondary market, live OpenSea.

You will have a higher chance of winning the more tickets (NFTs) you have.

The Giveaway and the chance to earn entries are now live!

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Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar
23 dec. 2022

OMG Tesla giveaway

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