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Shido Wallet launched 30 September

Shido Wallet Multi-Chain is an up to date secure wallet to store, buy, send, swap tokens and collect NFTs on multiple chains. Shido Wallet features Multi-Chain Storage for your assets, Inbuilt Cross-Chain DEX, Full Fiat Integration On & Off Ramp, Unique Price Alerts, NFT Support, dApp Integration, Ledger Support, Contact List and much more.

Most importantly, your assets are safe with Shido Wallet. We have implemented a biometric 2-layer security and authentication as additional layers of security besides your wallet private password.

Shido Wallet will be available as Android App, iOS App and browser extension for Chrome.

Shido Wallet was launched end of September 2022. It will be fully audited by Certik. Mobile apps will be available on Google Play and App Store.


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