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Shido officially partners with Questbook!

Shido officially partners with Questbook!

Shido is proud to officially partner with Questbook. Questbook is a premier on-chain platform for blockchain grants and Web3 funding.

Shido Grant program is now integrated into the Questbook platform, easily accessible for teams, developers and projects to apply.

Questbook platform is an efficient tool for creating, managing and distributing grants, completely on-chain. The platform enables large projects to grow their ecosystem by providing incentives to builders and developers. Shido is together with Questbook managing and distributing the Shido Grant program.

Shido is now offering a variety of grants in different sectors to drive innovation within Shido ecosystem:

• DeFi Grants

• AI Grants

• GameFi Grants

• Cross-Chain Grants

• Dev Tooling Grants

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