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Shido Network mainnet is officially launched!

Shido Network mainnet is officially launched!

Shido Network mainnet is successfully launched. A major milestone achieved giving Shido opportunities to grow the ecosystem vastly.

Shido Network features 900ms block creation with instant finality, EVM & WASM execution, Gasfree function, Burn mechanism, Cosmos connected and much more.

Shido Network mainnet is currently running on 12 nodes servers and 7 validators. As users are starting to onboard the network, number of validators will increase. Shido incentivize participation in the consensus process by offering great rewards and gas free transactions.

Shido Migration Portal for current SHIDO holders will open on Monday. Along with further bridges opening with partners such as Axelar Network, SWFT and more. A new DEX market pair with SHIDO/USDC on Osmosis is set to be deployed for users to trade the native token.

We are not stopping there. Shido DEX V3 the first native AMM DEX on Shido Network is preparing for launch. The largest multichain NFT marketplace tofuNFT is launching. GemPad is launching as the go-to launchpad, token creator and liquidity lock.

A new era is beginning. Build without limits on Shido.

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