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Shido Network - Build without limits!

Shido Network - Build without limits!

Development continues after the successful deployment of Shido Network mainnet. Explore all specifics of the network on and

Several applications are now launched live on mainnet including Validator App, Delegator App, Shido IDE and Shido Claim Portal.

Shido Network mainnet has been optimized with an amazing throughput and speed. Currently running on 7 validators with a block time and instant finality of only 900ms. Shido Network mainnet has the ability to handle a throughput of up to 10,000 TPS.

Shido Claim Portal for current SHIDO holders will open as soon as our Cosmos connection is established. Shido Network mainnet is interoperable throughout the Cosmos ecosystem for free value and liquidity transfers. Opening up of for native SHIDO to be traded on Osmosis DEX.

Build without limits on Shido.

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