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Shido Exchange launching in November, 2022

Introducing Shido Exchange

Shido Exchange is a fully decentralized trading platform with governance under the DAO model. Powered by innovative Aggregation, Liquidity, Limit and Cross-Margin Protocol. You can trade digital assets at the best rates accross Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Our innovative Aggregation Protocol aggregates never ending liquidity from multiple DEXs in an instant. The Protocol analyzing thousands of quotes and fees giving you the best possible rates. It reduce the chances of slippage on orders and optimize both trade fees and asset prices.

Our Liquidity Protocol enables you to easily earn rewards from your crypto assets. All you have to do is provide liquidity to any of Shido Exchange pools. All liquidity providers earn rewards on fees traders pay in exchange operations and extra yield farming rewards paid out in $SHIDO tokens.

Our Limit Order Protocol allows you to place limit orders in the Swap. A limit order means you can put tokens up for sale at a fixed predetermined price. The trade will only be executed if the price reaches your limit price. If you place a stop-loss order, the position will close once it reaches your limit price.

Our Cross-Margin Protocol offers a completely decentralized solution for Cross-Margin trading. Our trading platform is able to offer this innovative trading through smart contracts that locks the required funds. Unlike many platforms, users do not have to over-collateralize their borrowed assets.

Traders can use decentralized margin trading to open leverage positions on any of our source DEXs. Also split positions on multiple DEXs to optimize the trade. Open positions across multiple DEXs and amplify their trading capital using our protocol. This is a truly unique and innovative decentralized margin trading product.

Shido Exchange works under the DAO model, instant governance allows users to vote on individual modifications, which is efficient and works with the community directly. $SHIDO token holders and liquidity providers will be able to vote on surplus settings using the DAO Governance Model.

Launch November, 2022


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