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Shido conducting Final Airdrop - New Contract

Shido conducting Final Airdrop - New Contract

We are happy to announce that we have now started to conduct the final $SHIDO Airdrop to new Shido Contract.

We have proactively started ahead of time to help everyone, prior to staking platform being fully ready. Fill out this form carefully to be eligible for the final and last airdrop.

We will now airdrop for all buys conducted on Saturday, 24th June during the day off exploit on Shido V2 Contract, Binance Smart Chain & Ethereum Network.

To be eligible you must fill in Name, Email, TX Hash with Buy and Wallet with the current Shido V2 Balance. For better assistance you can also fill in your Telegram Username and Twitter Username.

All submits are carefully examined and cross-checked to be sure they are valid.

This is Shido, everyone is therefore helped and no one is left behind.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Shido Team

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