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Shido Chain - Layer 1 EVM Blockchain, launching 2023

Shido Chain is a Layer 1 EVM Blockchain that has special attributes designed for high transaction speed, security and reliability. $SHIDO is the native currency on Shido Chain and the governance token in all our utilities. Shido Chain is set to launch in first half of 2023.

Shido Chain is using EVM software platform. The EVM grants developers the ability to create smart contracts and dApps on Shido Chain. Shido Chain is built using Solidity as programming language. The cross-chain compatibility make it easy to migrate dApps and Smart Contracts.

Shido Chain is using Proof-of-Stake as consensus mechanism to process transactions and validate new blocks. This will ensure that Shido Chain maintain a high transaction speed and is also more environmental friendly. The rapid process of confirming transactions makes Shido Chain scalable.

Shido is also building Shido Bridge that works with ShidoChain. Using Shido Bridge you will be able to create and mint new tokens on Shido Chain. The newly minted tokens will be pegged to the value of the original token as a wrapped token. Users will be able to bridge tokens without paying a fee.

Shido will start an incubation program for Shido Chain. There will be at least three significant Airdrops from 3 different projects on Shido Chain. For the first Dex, Launchpad and Oracle launched on Shido Chain we will airdrop holders of $SHIDO, product users and contributors.

Shido Chain will support high transaction speed and low gas fees by design. It boost Cross-Chain Compatibility with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. As Shido Chain is EVM-Compatible it will be easy for Solidity developers to migrate dApps and Smart Contracts to the chain.

$SHIDO is the native currency on Shido Chain. There will be no new minting of tokens upon launch of the Blockchain. The existing supply of $SHIDO will be used.

A lot more information on Shido Chain will roll out the nearest time.

Stay tuned for further announcements.

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