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Shido Chain - Deflationary Blockchain

Shido Chain - Deflationary Blockchain

It's official, Shido has built in a Burn Mechanism on Shido Chain to ensure it's Deflationary Nature. Our Burn Mechanism burns a portion of the transaction fee for each transaction made on Shido Chain. Each TX fee on Shido Chain is divided into two different parts.

The first part of the transaction fee is the Base Fee, which is instantly paid to the Shido Chain Validators. Second part of the transaction fee is the Burn Fee which is instantly getting locked up in the Burn Contract allocated on Shido Chain. Once the Burn Amount has reached it's treshold in the Shido Burn Contract, the Burn Function gets triggered. The Burn Function then automatically sends the tokens to a burn wallet and remove the SHIDO tokens from the total supply.

Our Burn Mechanism is solving the inflationary nature that most blockchains are battling. The SHIDO rewards paid to Validators, which is a running cost, will always be lower than the dynamic burn rate. This is making Shido Chain a hard coded Deflationary Blockchain.

Shido Chain is in development with both Shido Stage Net and Shido Beta Testnet already delivered. We will soon launch Shido Explorer and Faucet to the public along with Shido Testnet. Stay tuned for launch date.

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