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Shido Card VISA launching end of November, 2022

Shido Card VISA is coming. A Crypto VISA Debit Card available to use at +60m Merchants worlwide. We will have both Apple Pay and Google Pay enabled for the Shido Card. We are doing real-time authorizations and you will be able to access your funds at ATMs.

We are fully integrating Shido Card VISA into Shido Wallet. Shido Card will be available as both Virtual and Physical Card to use. You will be able to spend your crypto assets and access them instantly with no pre-conversion needed. Access +60 million stores worldwide.

We are integrating a fully EEA-licensed BaaS Platform that is powering the system behind Shido Card VISA. You are able to issue both Virtual or Physical Card with instant funding. We are using secure PCI-certified APIs and also real-time fraud monitoring. Security first.

Shido Card VISA is set to be fully integrated and launched now in November, 2022. It will be a big milestone for Shido and it will make Shido Wallet even more complete as a product.

Shido continues to build a decentralized Crypto Bank.

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This is amazing work guys, congratulations on your efforts and I am sooo looking forward to using all of these utilities in the near future! Superb 👏👍

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