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Perpetual Platform launching in December, 2022

Launch December, 2022

Shido Perpetual Trading Platform offers a complete decentralized solution for cross-margin trading. Our platform offer this innovative trading through Smart Contracts that locks the required funds for perpetuals. Shido Exchange users can through these exchange value and it requires both lenders and borrowers.

On Shido Perpetual Platform users do not have to over-collateralize their borrowed assets. Traders can use decentralized margin trading to open leverage positions on any of the source DEXs and also split positions on multiple DEXs to optimize the trade.

Shido Exchange users have to deposit a collateral before using funds borrowed from the Perpetual Platform. To open a margin trading position, the trader's only requirement is to make an initial deposit and lock it in a smart contract created by Shido Exchange.

Users can borrow funds and open positions across multiple DEXs and amplify their trading capital using our protocol. This is a truly unique and innovative decentralized margin trading product offered by Shido Exchange.

Shido Perpetual Platform is set to launch now in December, 2022. It will be a part of Shido Exchange that is also powered by Aggregation, Liquidity and Limit Protocol. Our Perpetual Platform will be fully audited by Certik.

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